Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday 12:30 pm

Last night at six and ten o'clock, we cut his meds in half to see if it would make a difference. He was having more rational thoughts and conversations, and even called his mom to wish her a happy mothers day. He slept throughout the night after receiving a full dose, not waking up once. Although he didn't wake up, we (and the nurse) could hear a lot of congestion in his lungs so she gave him an in-between dose to clear it up a little (he usually gets his meds every four hours). The congestion seems to accumulate in his chest at night rather than during the day. This morning, we asked the nurse to lower his morphine to see if he really needs so much, but she had already given him his normal amount by then. When he's due next, we will experiment by giving him less morphine; maybe he will be more alive and awake. Not much has changed up until now, except we moved him out of bed into a chair. He's not very responsive or coherent because of the drugs, but he can at least recognize his visitors for a few seconds. I'll put another update up later today with the outcome of the smaller dose.

Visitors this morning: Tom Graf, Joe T, Mary Ellen Taylor, Jack Taylor, Ed Taylor, Reggie

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