Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday 6:30 pm

He's had a pretty big day today. We put an extension on his oxygen so we could roll him outside in a chair for the afternoon. A bunch of family and friends came to visit, and we all sat around him and ate lunch. He was awake most of the time, but got worn out by the sun about halfway through. He ate a brownie and finished about half of a mango gelati from Ritas. He's still on the same medications and seems pretty content (10mg of morphine and 4mg of ativan). After most of the people cleared out, more came to visit. At that point, he was sound asleep in his chair. He then out of the blue woke up with a stream of consciousness. He was pronouncing his words, and held up a good amount conversations with us for about an hour (he was actually making sense). The sun wore him out, so I'm sure he will be sleeping the rest of the night. I wont be around for some of the night so I'll probably put up another update around midnight or so. Keep the stories and pictures coming ( A bunch of new ones have been added to the album.

Visitors today: Kathy and Steve Weidner, Marisa and Randy Depaulis, Drew and Pam Brancati, George and Patty, Mike and Carrie, Tom Graf, Joe T, and most of my family.

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