Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday 10:30 pm

We just got done visiting with him for the night. Surprisingly, he's been awake a lot- not really responsive, but his eyes are open and he's been moving around. We put him on the phone with Pappy and his mom, and for both calls he tried to say something (he said bye to both). His breathing is good and comfortable, but he's pretty congested. When we were all huddling over him at one point, he opened his eyes, smiled, and said "how are you". Last night, I said that he was in a coma, as was stated by the doctor. He once again proved her wrong, although he is in some sort of one. He can hear, see, and feel, but cannot talk. He tries though- you can hear a faint voice and watch his mouth move as he tries to respond. He's once again surprising everyone...we don't know for how long though. He will eventually go into a full coma. He definitely looks better than he did last night though. This was day 19.


  1. Sending along our prayers for the night.

    Penny and Tom

  2. Surely he must feel the love surrounding him. So many of his friends and classmates are sending their prayers to him.