Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday 12:30am

Me, Drew, my grandmother and my mom just went to visit him to say goodnight. When we walked into the room, we noticed how big of a challenge it was for him to breathe. His chest would dramatically sink every time he took a breath. His heart rate is 150 bpm. I counted out 11 shallow and unsteady breaths in a minute, meaning that his heart beats 15 times for every breath he takes (there are gaps between each breath). The nurse says that there's nothing else we can do to ease his breathing. The morphine is as high as we can get it right now, so if that's not working than his nervous system may be controlling his breathing, which means the cancer may have spread to his brain. It was very hard for us to see him like this; This is the worse i have seen him yet. We're told this could last hours to days, and that we should next expect for him to go into a coma where he will not respond to us at all. I squeezed his hand as hard as i could, and i didn't get anything in return. We're praying for a response.

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