Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday 11:00pm

He's been sleeping all day since the medications have been increased. He opened his eyes a couple of times, but didn't say too much. The nurse earlier today was overly pessimistic on his situation. We were brought a new nurse around 5:00 and she will be with us all night. She agreed in that they gave him too much medicine to sedate him earlier, and that it was unnecessary to induce him so strongly with drugs for the sole purpose in keeping him relaxed. Because of it, he's been out cold the whole day. Anyways, they increased his morphine from 10mg to 15mg, and they will probably remain at that dosage unless more is needed. His lung capacity is decreasing and fluid is beginning to accumulate in his chest. Our new nurse tonight also told us, contradicting the previous one, that there is still a chance that he will have days where he is awake and talking. She told us not to be too confident though, for he could stay like this until the end; but nobody knows. As you all know, he's been surprising every one for the past week. Every doctor has a different story, so we will play it hour by hour, day by day.

Visitors today: Tom Graf, Joe T, Joey Bucci, Lucas, Penny, George, and Drew (Pappy) along with the immediate family.

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