Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today's been really good. So far, he has eaton some of a breakfast sandwich, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, a cookie, and a ham and cheese sandwich. (Pappy- they brought him pepper-egg for lunch). The visitors today so far are as follows: Carrie, Linda (Tradesman), Rich (Tradesman), Joey, Jack Taylor, Tom Graf, and the usual family. He watched some TV in the morning (5 worst wipeouts), followed by about an hour nap. Tom brought over some speakers this morning to hook up the MP3 player to, so we've been playing Beatles, Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead...etc. through the room all day. The music woke him right up out of his deep sleep. He was completely lucid and comprehendible, and he even held a conversation with us all for about an hour. He played a little bit of guitar, but more importantly blessed us with his beautiful singing voice.

The social worker came in today and pointed out that his inner strength is incredible, which explains why he's already lasted so long with such positive results. She said that if we were to put his situation into someone else's body, they would have been gone a long time ago. He is staying strong for everyone, and he's really happy to see everybody. Keep visiting; he loves it. A source of his unhappiness before Gilchrist was how lonely he was. Since he's been here, he's had endless visitors and it really makes a difference to him, whether he's 'with it' or not. At the moment, he's taking a little nap. We don't know how long he has, minutes, hours, days, weeks...nobody knows. We were told that sometimes the patient will just nosedive right after a period of time where he seems to almost be getting better.

It's 6 o clock now, and he's probably exhausted from being up for so long. That's it for now. If you didn't realize by now, it's Alex making these posts; Tom set me up with this website this morning so I can keep everyone updated even if they can't come and visit.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the update on Tom; so happy to hear he's had a great day. You're all in our thoughts and prayers (and songs!) even when we're not there.

    Penny Graf