Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Night 12:00 am

Again, there hasn't been too much going on since last updated. He continued sleeping for the majority of the evening, and would sometimes but rarely pipe in on a conversation every once in a while. The good nurse is off for the next four days, so we're hoping for another good one tomorrow. The bad nurse mentioned in earlier posts is now restricted from taking care of my dad, after evidently giving him more medication than he needed, wasting a full day of his remaining life. In lowering the medications today, we have received a little more life out of him, though nothing remarkable; We got a few responses, and some body gestures showing that he heard us.

If some of you reading this haven't visited Gilchrist already and want a mental image, I can briefly describe it. It's luxurious, and surprisingly free, run off of donations and charity fundraisers. His room has a flat-screen tv, a pullout chair that I've been sleeping on for the past 6 nights, two doors with a courtyard outside, and most importantly, it's covered with pictures of him, his friends, and family, ranging from when he was 17 to 54, bringing out happy memories. It's probably the best place where somebody could end their life, especially with the weather we've been given in the past week. Everyone's been coming by to share they're stories about my dad, from childhood friends to college roommates to coworkers. The immediate family has mostly been here the whole time and we've received a lot of support and appreciate it. He has already fought out seven days, which was originally supposed to be less than that, but we don't know how much longer he could have. That' s all there really is to tell right now.

Visitors today- Carrie, Joe T, Rob, Barb and Tom, Drew (pappy), Tom and Penny Graf, George, Joe Hart (chaplin), Drew's friends Preze, Brandon, Lucas, and Casey, and the usual family (my dad's mom, my mom, and drew)

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