Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday 9:30 pm

Another exciting day...I wasn't here from three to seven so I got my grandmother to fill me in on everything. Brian and Lyle came to visit while I was gone, and apparently he was awake the whole time, talking and telling stories. He ate some sorbet, vanilla ice cream, and drank a big diet pepsi while they were here. When I got back here around 7:30, he was pretty worn out from his visitors. Spike came back over along with Tom and Penny Graf, and they're still here now. He has been in and out of rationality all night, but mostly out. We cut back on his morphine to 5mg like I said we would. As a result, he's been "with us" more instead of being sleeping all day. Since I wasn't here to experience the full effect, I'm trusting my grandmother in that he was pretty lively and active.

He's pretty confused at the moment- mixing names and faces, and his short-term memory seems to be fading. (For instance, he would say hello to someone and then five minutes later wake up and act like he was seeing him for the first time.) We're all about to go to sleep pretty soon, and it looks as if he's done for the night. I may be going to school a few days this week, so I apologize if the updates are a little more spread out. By the way, my dad's birthday is tomorrow, so be sure to say happy birthday if you come to visit.


  1. Please pass on my wishes to Tom for a very Happy Birthday!!!!...Jack Taylor

  2. Happy Birthday, Tom! If I remember correctly this is "double nickels" for you :). I'm so glad you are surrounded by your wonderful family and so many terrific friends - I'm with you in spirit. God bless you. -Dana