Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday 11:30 pm

He was under 15mg of morphine all day, so we didn't spend too much time in his room because he would be asleep the whole time. Joe T came in around 5:00, and my dad seemed to be agitated and was trying to get out of bed, so the nurse increased him up to 20mg of morphine. I'm a little confused with everything that's been going on- here I will try to provide some background info. Keep in mind that I'm not trying to turn anything around- I just have some questions.

If some of you don't know this already, he was diagnosed with the cancer last April with a tumor on his left lung. They removed the tumor without any issues, and he went through full chemo and radiation treatments to get rid of any extra cancer (the treatments ended in february). A month or two ago, I was swimming with my dad and he told me that they found a small mass on his right lung which would require a biopsy. When he went in for the biopsy (for the right lung) six weeks ago, they accidentally examined the left one instead. The results came back anyways, and it showed that the left side was completely clear of anything. He was then supposed to go back to get the right side examined, the one that they were supposed to biopsy in the first place. He missed his appointment due to a case of pneumonia which required him to be hospitalized. A week after this, Drew and I took him into the hospital thursday night because of his shortness of breath, which was the start to all of this. Moving forward, we stayed with him until about midnight as he was getting a catscan. Everything seemed fine- we thought he'd be out in the morning. However, the following morning, we were told that he would have a few hours to two a few days to live. The oncologist told us that 75% of his lungs were filled with cancer, and there was no hope in any treatment working.

Since there was no cancer in his left lung six weeks ago, as shown in the biospy, and that the right side contained only a small amount, it's confusing how 75% of his lungs were taken over by cancer in such a small amount of time. We admitted him to Gilchrist the following day because we were told that he didn't have much longer to live. Here it is two weeks later and he's still here. We will be in contact with his doctor tomorrow in hope to clear some of this up (maybe even look at a copy of the catscan). I'm not speaking for my family in this post, so you can only hold this against me. I'm not saying that this is a misdiagnosis or that he doesn't belong here- i'm not trying to turn things around. I just have a few questions. I will be staying with him tonight. We lowered his morphine and haldol once again in hope to find a good balance for him.


  1. Alex, my prayers go out to you and your brother. You've had to be so strong for him, and still, here you are, keeping us all informed of his condition. It's a real testament to how much Tom is loved, when you see the number of visitors to your blog. My prayers are with you and your family. I was a classmate of Tom's in middle- and high-school. Nancy Friedman Brandt

  2. Alex, you're an amazing young man. Please know that you are in my thoughts every day.
    Tyler Betz (from BL)