Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday 10:45 pm

He's been mostly asleep the whole day, except for a period of about thirty minutes where he was just mumbling and staring off into space. We consulted my dad's lung cancer specialist and she cleared up most of the confusion i had mentioned earlier. We were concerned about his mental state and why he doesn't make sense when he talks to us, and she believes that it could be due to him not receiving his previous anxiety medicine since his admittance to Gilchrist. To clear up the biopsy story, it has been clarified that even if they had examined the correct lung at the proper time, it still wouldn't have made a difference in his prognosis. We did not make a mistake in putting him in hospice, and it is necessary that he receives this care. We did however discover that his left lung, the one that had been operated on, is basically shut down and not functioning at all due to all of the trauma it had encountered in the past year. On the other hand, 2/3 of the right lung has been taken over by cancer, meaning that only 1/6 of his lungs are currently functioning. We are still working on finding him his balance- he may not need as much morphine. There is a chance that we will be able to even things out so that he can sleep at night and talk and enjoy visitors during the day.

Right now, my mom, George, Tom Graf and I are with him in his room. Suprising everyone once again, he's having somewhat lucid conversations and is making a decent amount of sense. For example, I told him about the sound system i bought for my car which set him on a rant about rap music. He even called his mom to say goodnight and tell her that he loves her. He's still in his other world, but hopefully we will get him back on our side of the planet pretty soon. We're all going to leave in a few minutes- hopefully he will be able to sleep throughout the night.

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