Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday recap

Hey everybody. Yesterday, as most of you know, my dad had a jam session with Kevin and Mimi. He was singing and playing the guitar, laughing, and talking very lucid. After that, he was exhausted so he took a litle nap. Before he knew it, there were another fifteen people in the room. When everyone left, he ate for the first time in a while, and started going to bed. He didn't cough once throughout the night, and he woke up one time to get a breakthrough dosage of morphine. He slept well next to my mom in his bed, with Drew and I at his sides. Every day is a blessing


  1. Wow, what a day he had yesterday! It was so fun to see him laughing and talking just like he used to. I missed the jam but saw the footage, it was amazing!!! He was a little groggy today but that's to be expected after yesterday. He was still funny though. I know he was enjoying the Beatles music and had a little fresh fruit. It's great to see and hear about everyone stopping by! Carrie Cronin

  2. It was a great day on Tuesday seeing and talking to Tom.... If anyone has had the pleasure of hearing Tom sing and play "Hoochie Coochie Man" ( Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and others ) you would immediately know where he gets his strength and inspiration from. Please take a minute sometime soon and listen to his song...
    Gyspy woman told my mama
    Befor' the day I was born
    You got a boy child coming
    Gon' be a son of a gun

    Gon' make these pretty womans
    Jump an' shout
    And the world would wanna know
    A-What's its all about

    He's born for good luck
    And I know you see'd
    Got seven hundred dollars
    And don't mess with me

    You know, I'm here
    Ev'rybody knows I'm here
    And I'm the Hoochie Coochie Man
    Ev'rybody knows that I am here.....

    your friend... Jack