Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday 7:15 pm

Early this morning, his pain medication was increased because his left arm was really bothering him (this has been for about two weeks now). This could be a sign of the cancer spreading to the bone, or it could potentially be irritated from a previous operation, but there isn't a need to further investigate it. He's on another drug now(phenobarb) to help him stay comfortable. According to his visitors earlier, he's been sound asleep all day with the exception of opening his eyes every now and then- no conversation and very slight recognition of his visitors. We're told to keep visiting because apparently "he can hear us even if he doesn't look like it". As of now, he's sleeping and it looks like he's really working hard to breathe- his chest sinks in when he takes a breath. He hasn't had anything to eat or drink all day. From what it looks like now, he will probably be like this for the rest of the night.

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