Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday 11:00 am

He slept from six to eleven, occasionally opening his eyes. Before he went to sleep, he ate a brownie and drank a carton of milk, which is good considering he still has an appetite. Around midnight, he became a little agitated and confused, so they started him back on his third medicine (haldol). Finally, around two in the morning, he went to sleep and slept throughout the night. This morning, he woke up in a more comfortable mood, and surprisingly was still responsive. He responds mostly to music- he can still name titles of songs. His breathing is easy, and his congestion is still about the same. His conversations are pretty irrational; it's pretty evident that he's in another world. He can still recognize visitors and greet them, but after those few seconds, he drifts back into his dream world. The nurses say that this is common, and that he's "reliving his life" in what's called his "life review", which apparently happens to everyone as part of the dying process. We're going to move him out of his bed in a few minutes into a chair so that we can wheel him around outside. So far today, he's had a pancake, a frappuccino, and a carton of milk.We expect a lot of visitors today (there's already 7 now). Keep sending pictures and stories if you have them. Thanks.

Visitors yesterday: Cindy and Leslie, Tom and Penny Graf
Visitors so far today: Family, Drew and Pam, Joe T, Tom Graf

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