Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday 9:00 am

Today, he was very "with it" when he woke up. He was having normal conversations with us all, and overall he sounded pretty good. He wanted to get out of bed; He even tried to stand up several times. This probably had a little bit to do with the anxiety medicine wearing off, causing him to be moderately restless and confused. He wanted to really just get out, as he said a dozen times. We called in the nurse to ask if he could stand up or maybe take his own shower, but she said to let him sleep, so she gave him more medicine and took us outside to talk. She explained that the last few days have been blessings, and we might start noticing some changes in the near future. For everyone who hasn't been keeping track of this whole situation, Drew and I took him into the hospital last thursday, and we were told the next day that he maybe had a day or two. As you can see, he has already fought out 6 with no problem, but apparently a turning point is right around the corner (although nobody can see that except for the nurse). He is losing blood in his feet, which is a sign of him getting closer to the end. His breathing is getting worse, and the congestion in his lungs is accumulating, making him cough more.

Although he would walk out of here in a heartbeat, they won't let him, and in stopping him, they increase all of his medications. He's really uncomfortable and let down that they have to increase his medications in order for him to relax. For future visitors, the nurse told us not to get him as excited as we have been in the past. He needs a little bit more quiet, and less excitement to keep him comfortable and not so anxious. If you do choose to come, which is completely acceptable and wanted, don't ask too many questions that require him to answer, especially if they make him think (Ex: how are you doing- just tell him he looks good). We're trying to avoid any increase in his anxiety, because as a first hand witness it's painful to watch his suffering in constantly being denied from leaving his bed. Don't let this post stop you from visiting him; this is only a forewarning of what to expect and what isn't advisable. Thanks everybody. There's a link underneath labeled "comments" so feel free to leave a comment if you'd like.

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