Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Night

Since the last update, we haven't done too much. He's been listening to his Beatles playlist (and singing) since 10am this morning. We just ate dinner outside and wheeled him to the door so that he
could be a part of it. He's still a little groggy and tired from the huge amounts of morphine, but funny when awake and talking. Tom Graf came back over around 9 to visit. My dad was thrilled to see him although he's been here about a dozen times already. He's been pretty awake the past hour and has been holding good, funny conversations. Sometimes he will talk about something completely off topic, something that flat out makes no sense at all; but he keeps people laughing. I got him to eat tonight; I went to Starbucks and got him a frapuccino. He drank that along with a piece of Drew's graduation cake. Every now and then, he will start to sit up at the end of his bed and say, "lets get outta here. im checking out".

As he said earlier, "Im gonna keep truckin", and we believe it. The nurses say they haven't seen such a fun-loving patient. He continues to constantly smile and crack jokes; even on his death bed. Everyone is enjoying their time with him. His breathing is getting progressively worse, but this is probably the best way that somebody could go; and he's comfortable and that's what is important. It could be a matter of minutes, hours, or days as i said earlier. That's all for now. Up above are pictures from Drew's early graduation ceremony on Saturday. (For everyone who wasn't there or didn't hear about it, BL came to Gilchrist to give Drew his high school diploma early so he could see it.)

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