Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday 6:00 pm

We've discovered that he doesn't need as much medicine as he's been given in the past day. With our 'good' nurse, we have lightened up on the drugs, and through that, he's been talking and waking up a little more, hardly ever lucid messages though. If he does wake up, he just says "hey alex" or "hey mom" and then drifts off to sleep again. His breathing and congestion have pretty much remained the same. He had a moderately high fever throughout the day. A tylenol injection was given to him, lowering his fever down to a 99.5. Barb, my mom, and a few others went to Rucks funeral home this afternoon to pre-arrange the service for whenever the day comes. As far as I'm concerned, there could potentially be a service in Wilmington DE along with one here in Towson (the service in Towson is definite). He hasn't had anything to eat or drink today, mostly due to the fact that he's been too out of it to even acknowledge the fact that he's hungry or thirsty. He's calm and not showing any signs of anxiety or restlessness. For now, we're going to let him sleep and we'll enjoy every moment that he's awake. We're expecting a few visitors tonight- probably just the usuals.


  1. I love you & I am glad to hear that Uncle Tom is on less medicine today. I hope that he gets another "good nurse" tonight. You are in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything you need I am here for you. Please tell your dad I love him.

  2. Thank you Alex for keeping up with the blog, it is an important way to communicate with everyone, so we can support you and send positive thoughts your way. I am praying for Tom and your wonderful family.
    Mary Ellen Taylor

  3. Alex and Drew...As I read your posts not only do I think about and pray for Tom and all his family, but the blog really helps in remembering the great times and the fun that Tom brought with him everywhere he went..Please tell him good morning for me...I that I am thinking about him today....Jack