Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday 2:15 pm

Not much to really add, except his feet and hands are starting to get cold as the blood leaves to go to his lungs and heart. His breathing is still pretty comfortable, but he is getting weaker and weaker and his color is starting to fade even more. He hasn't been awake for a few days, and hasn't showed any reaction to us. We're told to expect him to go sometime early this week.


  1. To the family and friends of Tom,

    I was truly saddened to be informed of Tom's condition. However we should remain thankful to be able to observe and remember so many of the things Tom had a passion for through the blog created and provided by family members.

    I am grateful also to his many friends from "A I" and beyond who put forth their love to bring comfort to this true "Renaisance Man".
    All of Tom"s good graces were exampled and obviously inherited by his sons Alex and Drew. Shared by an endearing collage of friends. And will remain with everyone he loved.

    My prayers to him, along with those of my family to his.


  2. Alex, Drew, Mrs. Pizalla & the rest of Tom's family,

    You are truly an inspiration to us all as we check in on your blog daily. We wish you strength & peace.

    Through this all, just know that you have friends some old & some new. Again, don't hesitate to ask if you need "anything". We are with you continously in thoughts and prayers and your dad may not be there as a complete person, he is there in spirit, one that we will all remember and cherish. See you soon.