Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday 12:00 pm

He slept the whole night, not waking up once. They gave him the third medication around 10:00pm to make sure he would sleep well (haldol). Ever since then, he's pretty much been out. Every now and then, he will open his eyes for a minute, but then fall right back asleep. As far as breathing goes, he looks pretty comfortable, but the congestion in his lungs is getting worse. A friend of mine, Michael Gallagher, gave me holy water to give to him that his mom brought back from Lourdes, France, so we'll see if that helps with anything. A few visitors are coming today (one coming from Washington state), but there's nothing too exciting planned. Keep the pictures and stories coming. Thanks.


  1. Alex, thanks so much for your updates. Tom has a great family and so many wonderful friends to surround him. I'm sending you some photos and stories, like so many others I have many sweet, fun and crazy memories of times with Tom. God bless you, Drew and Bev.
    -Dana (Ann Marie & Mary's mom)

  2. "I am thinking of all of the Pizzalas today, especially Mrs Pizzala.
    A very special Mother's Day indeed. There is nothing in the entire universe that can compare to a mother's love for her children and the Pizzala family has been blessed to have a most extraordinary mom like her. I enjoy each of the photos that have been sent - such GREAT memories and a few pictures made me laugh out loud. I am extremely grateful for these posts since I can now feel connected to you - and I find that very comforting.
    With love from an old friend- Sandy Keene Ashby"